Warframe Platinum Hack

The Warframe Platinum Hack 2014 is finally out!

With the release of the Warframe Platinum Hack another milestone in the history of HyperHacks is set. This hack was in weekly development. It took us really long time until we could crack their algorithm. So yeah, here it is! It works on Windows Systems only. Sorry for all those Ubuntu Fans out there but we could not find a solution for the Linux Kernel. However, we’re still working on it and you should bookmark us to stay up to date! This Warframe hack has been coded in Visual Basic. Therefore you will need Net Framework installed on your computers. In most cases it is already installed (99%!). So do not worry about it. You should also know that every HyperHacks Release requires a license activation. This can be done by entering a personal generated license key for you. For this reason, you should read the ReadMe File which will show you how to get the license key. It’s free, fast and easy to do. But enough of talking. Take a look at the WarFrame Platinum Hack. If you scroll down you will find a video that I recorded for you as well. Finally you can see this hack in action!

Warframe Platinum Hack – An awesome Hack

Warframe Platinum Hack


Instructions about the Warframe Platinum Hack

Let me explain you now how you are supposed to run this hack. Difficulty: Level 0. Yeah, it’s easy! Just hit the awesome huge download button under the image. The download of the Warframe Platinum Hack should now start. Depending on your internet connection it will take between 0-60 seconds. The file that you just downloaded should be a so called “Winrar”-File. The extension should be “.rar”. Use an extractor software to extract it. In most cases you have WinRAR installed. It does not matter though. Just make sure that you can extract the folder of it. What you see now is a folder that contains some files. Do not even pay attention to the library files (.dll). They are only interesting for the program. But since you are the human you should not care. I recommend you to open the text file. I wrote into it how you can obtain your personal generated license key which you can use to activate the Warframe Hack. So enter that key and click on “Proceed”. It is unlocked! Now you simply enter your Login-Username into the left text field and click on “Authenticate”. Obviously you should have an activate internet connection, else it will not work. Did it change to “Authenticated” in green? Great! You can now select the amount of Platinum to generate and add. Just click finally on “Hack!” and the program will do its work. You can also repeat this process to get even more Platinum! Watch the Video below and see the Warframe Platinum Hack 2014 in action. (The license registration process is not demonstrated)

Video of the Warframe Platinum Hack

How this Warframe Hack works:

You may ask yourself how this wonder tool works. It is actually similar to the Crossfire ZP Hack. As Z8Games the publisher of Warframe use a Database where they store the information of players. Information such as: Username, Password, E-Mail and Platinum! And our Hack is able to bypass their security walls and modify the values in the database. This way, we can add the Platinum to your account! I recommend you to turn the “AES-256″ Module on. This ensures that your connection is safe and cannot be sniffed. Our Warframe Platinum Hack has so many advantages. So what are you waiting for? You should download it as soon as possible and try it out yourself! Why pay for Platinum when you can get it for free?

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