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HyperHacks – Who are we?

You might want to know who HyperHacks actually is. Well, we are a hacker group of two young programmers that are studying computer science right now. My name (The Publisher) is George. On this site I’m responsible for the articles, comment moderation and the presentation of HyperHacks. This means that I create the posts (as this), I create the videos where I show you how to use the tool and I will be the one who will reply on your E-Mails. It probably sounds like I’m the boss at HyperHacks but I’m not. Actually you guys should say thank you to Jason who is the coder of all the great hacks and cheats on our website. Basically it was his idea to start this great hacking community. We started in 2012 and needed to give up our old website as we had important things to do in our real life. However, HyperHacks is now fully back and ready to release new awesome hacks! I suggest you to bookmark our website and share it with your friends on Facebook or any social platform so they can know about this hacking community as well. Awesome cheats, hacks and generators are waiting.


– George

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