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About the Ninja Kiwi Coins Hack 2013

Hi there,

This is George publishing another hack release! What I’m gonna present you here, is the brand new Ninja Kiwi Coins Hack 2013! This hack is able to add your desired amount of coins to your Ninja Kiwi account without even paying for these coins! We worked for about two weeks on this Ninja Kiwi Coins Hack and finally it is done. We contacted a few loyal visitors of our website and they tested the Ninja Kiwi Coins Hack for us. There were some bugs but we could solve the problems easily, thanks to Jason, the coder of all these great hacks on HyperHacks.Net! Why we coded a Ninja Kiwi Coins Hack this time? Well, many visitors sent us an email and requested this kind of hack. We checked it instantly out and found a vulnerability to bypass the security system and inject our hack into the database (as always a SQL Database, most information are stored there). However, check this screenshot out and convince yourself! (You can scroll down for a video of the Ninja Kiwi Coins Hack 2013)

Ninja Kiwi Coins Hack
ninja kiwi coins hack download

Ninja Kiwi Coins Hack – Instructions

 What you want to do in order to get this Ninja Kiwi Coins Hack running, is to download the hack first (obviously). You will get an RAR archiv which you will have to extract with WinRAR. Google it and you will find the tool, but mostly it is already installed on your computer. However, after extracting the Ninja Kiwi Coins Hack, make sure to read the ReadMe.TXT file as all important steps are listed there. Then it’s quite easy. Enter your username and the amount of coins to generate.  Click on the “Hack it!” Button and you’re good to go if your license is activated! If not, simply activate it for free (Readme.txt). So it’s pretty easy, yep. Watch the Ninja Kiwi Coins Hack 2013 in action here:

Proof of the Ninja Kiwi Coins Hack

ninja kiwi coins hack

Enjoy our second release. It’s another step of the improvement of this awesome website. Stay tuned for more releases! Below you can read about the history of the Ninja Kiwi Community.

Ninja Kiwi

Ninja Kiwi is one of the leading flash games developer and they got popularity during the last few years when they renowned Bloons brand of games. Like many other flash game developers, Ninja Kiwi is using Mochiads to generate revenue. Initially, they just had just one website named but today they have three websites now with their own game production. After the renovation of Bloon brand, they developed a number of hit games like Puzzle, arcade alternatives and racing games. With the passage of time, Ninja Kiwi not only improved the storey line of the games but at the same time had concentrated on the quality, graphics and features of the game. If you make a comparison between the old Ninja kiwi games and those that are launched recently, you will easily tell the difference.

Today Ninja Kiwi operates three sites to ensure convenience and quick access to the customers to their games,, and Though, ninja kiwi’s are enjoying a distinctive position in the gaming market but still they need to have to develop more quality imaginative contents of their sites to enjoy a sustain growth. The Bloon brand has been contributed much to the popularity and strength of Ninja kiwi and therefore they should continue expansion in the product lineup of this brand.

Ninja Kiwi has its unique features that set it apart from the rest of video games; one such feature is their currency coins. These coins can be purchased against real world money as well as can be earned by completing different tasks. The coins are then used to purchase premium games within Ninja Kiwi games. The ninja kiwi currency coins are mostly used in games like Baloon TD Battles to purchase Medallions, healthy bananas and to boost up battle energy. The players can purchase Ninja kiwi’s currency coins against real world money from $5 to $200 that gives you coins from 50 to 2,500 with bonus coins.

Ninja kiwi games are highly user friendly with different levels of difficulties to challenge the skills of the players and to keep pumping them to play and clear more stages. Ninja allowed the customers to even publish their game son your own sites by signing in to a Mochiads account. No doubt, Ninja Kiwi is one of the leading flash game developers , however it still had to compete with heavy competitors as the casual gaming market is expanding rapidly.


Ninja Kiwi Coins Hack – Changelog:

– Added VPN API

– Ninja Kiwi Coins Hack 1.0.1

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