Jelly Splash Cheats

Jelly Splash Cheats: A new tool by HyperHacks

Jelly Splash Cheats – It’s finally out! But first, I would like to celebrate our last release (The Warframe Platinum Hack). It was the 20th release on HyperHacks and it means a lot to us. You may not understand why but let me explain: As you can see in the Header page of this website, it says that we exist or code since 2012. Well, we used to have a hacking website back in 2012. I think we had like 100 releases until we were shut down by our hoster for such content. (They do not tolerate cheating and hacking stuff.) However, with the 20th release another milestone was set. 1/5 of our empire is already finished. It would not have been possible without you guys, our loyal visitors! So let us talk about the Jelly Splash Cheats Tool! Right now this game is pretty trendy and was requested as well. In default we do not accept requests but the game Jelly Splash was an exception. Actually we made many exceptions. So many of our past releases were requested. You can actually thank yourself because you are the ones who request such cheats and hacks. From now on, we accept requests. So do not hesitate to contact us and tell us what to code. I cannot guarantee that we will code it but I will try my best to redirect the requests to James, our major coder and developer. Check a screenshot of the Jelly Splash Cheats here:

Jelly Splash Cheats Tool – Check it out

Jelly Splash Cheats



Jelly Splash Cheats Tool – The instructions for the newbies

I will try to make this as quick and good as possible: First of all you download the Jelly Splash Hack. Do so by clicking the Download-Button (It is below the image and above this paragraph). Then you extract the hack. You can use WinRAR to do that. Any other software will do the same as well. Does not really matter much. Just make sure that you can extract the cheat and you are one step forward. Open the folder that has been extracted. You will find several files in there. Pay attention to the readme and the Jelly Splash Cheats Tool File only. Open the Cheat and enter the license key. Read the ReadMe File to know how to get your license key for free. Plugin your device or choose browser if you play Jelly Splash on your computer. Then click on the “Detect” Device button. Configure your hack by entering the amount of Coins and Stars to add. If you want, you can also check “Unlock all levels”. What it does, is pretty obvious. Now click “Start” and the Jelly Splash Cheats Tool will start to do its job. Enjoy!

Check the Video of the Jelly Splash Hack to see it in action:

About Jelly Splash

Cellular programmer, a social-network sport and Wooga positioned in Berlin, Indonesia created Jello Dash, a totally free-to-perform problem sport. It’s distinct because you’re perhaps not changing spots of two next jellies, even though the concept of the sport resembles Sweet Beat. Rather, you join or link same-colored jellies to be able to apparent or “splatter” the jellies on each and every isle you’re on. You might have 20 moves!. Jello Splash sticks out a lot in my experience over Sweet Grind due to the cunning jello figures and its own exceptional isles. You might have the standard seeming the snow-covered isle, isle, a volcanic isle, an isle and much more! And for these reason we developed the Jelly Splash Cheats Tool 2014!

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