Growtopia Hack 2014

How are you? In this post we officially announce the release of the Growtopia Hack which has been often requested by you guys. We appreciate the thanks and want to thank you for your support as well! So leggo! Obviously this post will be about the Growtopia Hack. This time we tried out another theme. In my opinion it’s a little bit too bright and white but hey, why don’t you comment below and write your opinion about it? Another thing that we changed is the programming language. Unlikely other releases of HyperHacks, we coded it this time in Pascal! An advantage is the improve engine which is able to work faster than C++ or C#. However, this is ┬ájust a test. All hacks that are coded in C++ or C# will of course work! The features of this growtopia hack are as follow: The Gem Hack – You can add a specific amount of gems to your Growtopia Device and the Extra Hack, add a specific amount of extras to the Growtopia Device!

Screenshot of the Growtopia Hack 2014:

growtopia hack


The principle of this tool: How it works

This programm works pretty simple, at least it appears to be. But the code we developed is very complicated. Since the game is based on Android or iOs, we needed to convert this whole code from assembly to the correct code encryption type. We usually use the AES-256 Encryption which works on every computer but not on other devices. So we needed to rethink our strategy and finally came to a solution. However, we’re not gonna reveal the solution in here as it could get patched if the developers read this (They have eyes everywhere).

Check the video of this here (Turn HD on if it is not):

How to get this tool working:

What you want to do first is, you download this great hack. To do so, hit the download button above. Extract the archive and run the Hack as Administrator (if your OS is Windows Vista or newer, Windows XP Users will not need to do this). Plug in your device eg. iPhone and choose the OS (in this case it’d be the iOS). Then click on the “Detect Device” button and once it successfully detected the device, you can choose which hack feature to activate. Then simply hit the “Apply Hack” button and you’re good to go!

About Growtopia:

We coded a Growtopia Hack, yeah but what is actually Growtopia? Growtopia is a multiplayer game which has been developed by Hamumu Software and Robinson Rechnologies. At the moment it is only available on iOS and Android systems. There are some beta versions though for Windows. Growtopia allows you to build houses and interact with your friends. Many items are waiting for you to get discovered. Growtopia is a game which is optimized for small as well as large screens. Check it out now here

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