Flappy Bird Cheats

The Flappy Bird Cheats Tool is out!

Since George is very busy, I (James, coder of all the hacks) will write this post. So what this post is about, is obviously the Flappy Bird Cheats Tool 2014. To be honest it did not even take me longer than 30 minutes to code it. The game itself is pretty simple-coded. So I coded the flappy bird hack easily as well. We did not receive any requests nor did people tell us to. Flappy Bird is a trendy game and many people have downloaded it. The download amounts sky rocketed in the last few days. And that is how we got attention to this game. The Flappy Bird Cheats supports both systems (iOS and Android) so you do not need to worry about compatibility problems. This tool will be run on a Windows System thought. So basically you run the Cheats Tool on your computer but the game is still played on your mobile device

Flappy Bird Cheats Tool 2014 – Screenshot

flappy bird cheats screenshot


About the Flappy Bird Cheats Tool 2014

So as mentioned before, the Flappy Bird Cheats Tool was really easy to code. The following paragraph is for the fact-nerds that are interested in knowing how it works. Basically this Flappy Bird Hack will be run on your computer with a Windows Operating System. The game Flappy Bird itself will be played on your mobile device. When you select your OS and detect the device, the computer will communicate with your mobile device first (considering you connected the mobile devices before). A ping will be sent to the mobile device. The mobile device will answer. And tada, the connection is established. Now when you enter the amount of score points you’d like and hack it, the Flappy Bird Cheats will manipulate the value in the memory cache of Flappy Birds. This causes that you get your desired amount of Score Points. Watch it in action here:

Instructions to get the Flappy Bird Cheats Tool running

You want to get it? Then download it first! You can use the download button above to do so. After that you want to extract the archive where the hack is contained. Usually you have already a software installed which is able to do that. Make sure that you follow the instructions in the ReadMe.TXT File. It shows you how to get a personal license key which you’ll need to activate the Cheat. Now the fun begins: Plugin your mobile device and wait until Windows detects it. Then select the system (iOS or Android) and detect the device. Enter the amount of Score Points you’d like to have in your next game and press on Start. No matter how fast you fail, your highscore will be the amount that you entered and hacked!

Additional information

Flappy Bird is the most well-known free app to the Appstore, besting the kind of Snapchat, Audio Surpasses and Conflict of Tribes. That’s a quite huge achievement to get a-game that may be used just one hand. Therefore why might it be therefore well-known? Properly, that’s really somewhat difficult to describe.

There is just one factor you actually do in Flappy Bird: Direct your miniature bird — who occurs to seem a little just like a bass — in between some conduits. Striking a conduit or crashing in the earth stops the match. Patting around the display causes your chicken to flap its wings and stay aloft. For every group of conduits you go through, you obtain one stage. Yes, this is the whole sport. So enjoy the Flappy Bird Cheats now!

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