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Announcement: The Crossfire ZP Hack 2014

Okay, this is the release of the Crossfire ZP Hack 2014. And this is very special for me as well. I used to play this game a few years ago and I have to say that it is a great game. Many weapons, many characters, many game modes and an awesome community of skilled players! However, it was a pain in the ass to pay the ZP. They’re quite expensive and I didn’t really want to spend money on it. Today HyperHacks comes with a solution for you: The Crossfire ZP Hack. This hack is a completely new experience for Crossfire Players as they no longer will need to pay for the Z8Games Points (ZP). After testing this Hack we thought about working on a GP hack as well. But in the end it wasn’t worth it as GP can be easily earned. Furthermore, you can buy GP with ZP and you can get these ZP with this hack (programmed by HyperHacks). Don’t believe me? Then check this out yourself:

Screenshot of the Crossfire ZP Hack 2014

Crossfire ZP Hack


 About this Hack

For the nerds out there: This cheat has been coded in the programming language “C#” and is able to establish an encrypted SQL Connection to the database of Z8Games. Make sure that you have NET Framework 4.5 installed on your system. It should be already installed in the normal cases. If you can start the tool, it is installed. If you cannot, it is not installed. In that case go to the FAQ Section and look for the download link of NET Framework 4.5. We built an authentication system into the program so you don’t need to enter your password or E-Mail which makes it really secure! With us you are safe and don’t need to worry about getting banned or hacked. Unlikely other ZP Hacks we only need your Z8Games Username – Nothing else! And since security is priority #1, we implemented a VPN API as well. In normal cases your computer connects to servers without an encryption. This is a weakness and makes it people easy to track you. With the VPN API the crossfire zp hack will actually encrypt the connection. It’ll be impossible for Z8Games to track back to you! This means that you can NOT get banned for using the hack.

The Hack in action:

Check this account here after the usage of the Crossfire ZP Hack:

Crossfire ZP Hack proof

Getting this Hack running:

The steps to get this Hack running are pretty easy. Just download the Crossfire ZP Hack by pressing the orange download button (above). You should have a ZIP File on your computer now. Extract this ZIP File and open the folder that has been created. Make sure to read the ReadMe File to see how to activate the license. It is required to get the Hack running. Run the application, enter your license key which you can by pressing “Get My key”. This will open a website where you can activate it. Follow the instructions that are displayed and you should receive the key at the end. Then enter the key and click on “Proceed”. The Hack is now unlocked. The next step will be the authentication. Enter your Login Z8Games Username, NOT your In-Game-Name. Then simply click on “Authenticate”. Select your desired amount of ZP to generate for your Z8Games account and you’re almost ready! Hit the “Apply ZP to my Account” Button and it will start adding ZP to your account. The Crossfire ZP Hack is awesome, isn’t it?

Some information about Crossfire:

Originally Crossfire was developed by SmileGate in South Korea. There are three publishers that released the game: Neowiz, Z8Games and GameRage. Neowiz supports mainly South Korea, Z8Games supports the USA and GameRade Europe. This FPS works only on Windows. The game has several modes such as TDM, Elimination, FFA (Free for All), S&D (Search and Destroy), Ghost mode and many more modes. The game was first released by T8Games in 2009. They also added the Z8Games Points (Short: ZP) but with the Crossfire ZP Hack you can hack them anyways. So enjoy!

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