Jungle Heat – What is this game about?


Jungle Heat  Are you afraid of the wild? Jungle Heat is an online multiplayer mobile strategy game, similar to other titles such as Clash of Clans or Boom Beach. I can be played on your Smartphone or Tablet device without restrictions for either IOS or Android users. Due to this you have unlimited social access to whomever playing Jungle Heat. ... Read More »

PaySafeCard Generator – Free PSC Codes!

psc generator screenshot

Generate your PaySafeCards for free today with the PaySafeCard Generator by HyperHacks! Yep, the PaySafeCard Generator is now finished. Most of you are probably looking for a way to generate a PaySafeCard for free. Getting free PaySafeCards these days is really difficult so we developed an a mind-blowing generator that will make your dreams become true! Obviously this PaySafeCard Generator ... Read More »

Monster Warlord Hack – Rule the Game!

Monster Warlord  Hack Screenshot

Heard of the Monster Warlord Hack yet? Have you? No? Well, you definitely have to check this Monster Warlord Hack out! With over two years coding experience, it took us only three days to finish this one. Excited? Well, you should be! For the first time, you can now generate or add as many jewels and gold for Monster Warlord. ... Read More »

Big Fish Casino Cheats Tool finally out!

big fish casino cheats tool image

The Big Fish Casino Cheats Tool is out! Sup guys? I’m feeling really well today and it feels awesome to announce the official release of the Big Fish Casino Cheats Tool. Even though, this tool has only two (actually three) features, it is a really powerful hack! As always, it is easy to use and secure. You need Gold and ... Read More »

Brave Frontier Hack

Brave Frontier Hack

Brave Frontier Hack finally released! As you may have noticed, we finally released our Brave Frontier Hack! As always, many features are included. Our favorite one is the VPN API. You can read more about this plugin later. However, stop searching on Google for a working Brave Frontier Cheats Tool! Why? Because this page is the right website for you. ... Read More »

The end of my voice

This is just a quick post and announcement regarding me. I decided to no longer record the videos with my voice in it. In the future, we will simply record and demonstrate how the hacks work and add music to it. I decided to do this as I speak almost the same stuff in every video. Furthermore, the post itself ... Read More »

Boom Beach Hack

boom beach hack image

Boom Beach Hack 2014 – Booom bitches! Hello awesome visitor and welcome to the Boom Beach Hack Post, welcome to HyperHacks! My name is George and today I would like to present you our newest creation/release: The Boom Beach Hack! People kept requesting it and to be honest: They went on my balls. Really! It was really annoying when hundreds ... Read More »

CSR Racing Hack

CSR Racing Hack 2014 Screenshot

CSR Racing Hack – It’s out! Hell yeah! You read it correctly: The CSR Racing Hack 2014 is finally out! FINALLY! Our last release was back in February. Back then, we almost released daily cheats and hacks. But due to some problems (mostly time problems), we needed to pause coding new hacks. However, we are back now and good to ... Read More »

New Hacks and Cheats coming soon!


Hi everyone! I haven’t been posting releases for a long time now. You may have noticed that the last release was in 11th February, 2014.  Due to private reasons we had no time to code the hacks and cheats- However, we are now back and available. So if you have any questions concerning our releases, feel free to contact us ... Read More »

Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats

Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats

Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats Tool is available for download As read from the title this post will give you information and access to the famous Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats Tool! What is this Hack? What can it do? And what is Hungry Shark Evolution actually? All these questions will be answered on this post. If you are one of the ... Read More »